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Toronto Photographer Don Quincy - DQC Photo Photography has won multiple 1st place awards and has been published numerous times throughout the world!!! Creative photography is just one of the strong points of Toronto based photographer Don Quincy of DQC Photography. If your need is for a professional photographer for a wedding or creative engagement, fashion shot or fine art image for your commercial campaign that stands out, a cover for a novel or magazine, clothing line shots that pop or just artwork for your wall, whatever your need, DQC Photo will be able to find the location, do the styling and do the retouching to get that look you need to have your image leap out on a page!

Check out this cool BTS video with The Unchained created by Sight Seven Productions from our shoot!!!

Toronto Creative Photographer

This is from a creative shoot I did with Toronto model Candi Davis. She is wearing a dress from Polish Designer Agnieszka Osipa. Agnieszka's designs are incredible and Candi totally rocked this fun shoot! I used a Canon with a 24mm - 70 mm f2.8 lens lit with one Profoto D1 with Profoto Beauty Dish modifier. I imported the RAW image to Capture One Pro software, did some small edits and then exported the image to Adobe's Photoshop to finish. This is the retouched final edit!

The Unchained Photographer (Don Quincy)

Real Estate - Homebuilders - Interior Designers

For all your home image needs! DQC Photography takes the small details into account when capturing your hard work into a memorable and noticeable image! Light, shadows, glare, angles, positioning and more are attributes that photographers must be taken into account. A well done photograph of a home or rooms is something that you will be proud to show to others! Some examples of my homebuilder work can be seen throughout Little Redstone Inc's website!

Whether you are a Homebuilder, Home Owner, Interior Designer or Real Estate Agent when you are looking at Toronto and GTA photographers, you should strongly consider DQC Photography, he will get the results you not only want, but deserve!

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BTS Music Video Directorial Debut with For All The Emptiness!!!

Being asked to direct a music video for the band "For All The Empitness" was quite an honor. To step into the world of motion from stills was an incredible experience. Working through the challenges of finding a great film crew that would capture what the band and i had envisioned in our head was...  interesting. Fortunately I had the input from my friend and producer Mike Paszt! He recommended Pasha Patriki whoes experience and input turned out to be invaluable!!! Check out a couple of the Behind The Scenes videos below, one with a special appearance from the local Fire Department!!!

Now Available - DQC Customs!!!! Shoes and More!!!

Taking it to a new level with custom shoes, pillows and more now available at Such an awesome thing to be apart of!!! Get them now! Prices include shipping!!!

Events - Music - Concerts

Event, Music and Concert Photography. Searching for a Toronto Event Photographer can be quite a daunting task! Capturing that moment in time that only happens once in a split second of time is something you do not want to leave to someone inexperienced. I have had the pleasure to shoot many events and I am always excited to deliver the shots to my clients to be able see and to hold their cherished moments frozen in time whether in a digital image format or in print.

Music and performing artist create with a passion spending hours honing their craft, that song, that performance. They have a level of energy that lives through them… the performer and then all that time and energy is released on the stage. The essence of that passion and energy is what I love to capture when photographing musicians and performing artist, a moment that can be looked at as a treasure, a token from the night, that can be looked back on with a fond memory of a night out, a picture that encompasses feelings that were felt, songs that were played, a moment of a leap, a laugh, a dance, a memory that is recalled over and over as you look at the picture from the night out that is now a memory to be kept forever.

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Just one of my images to have graced Dark Beauty Magazine!!!

Don Quincy (DQC Photo) – Hammer Time

Need To Be Noticed?

In a world where images are constantly driven into our minds at an ever increasing rate, you need the shot that will stand out from the crowd, the image that draws people to you or to your product to be noticed.

You have spent thousands, or much much more on a renovation or home construction, you need the picture that captures the beauty of the work that has been done and you need someone who is going to pay attention to the details that show proudly what you have done!

Whether a birthday, a corporate event or a party, one thing is for certain, every moment comes and goes in a flash. Be sure to have a professional photographer at your event to capture these moments. Don’t trust just anyone to record these precious memories that happen only once and are here and then gone in an instant.

Whether you have a product, a need to have stunning images for your portfolio, you need a moment frozen, whatever your need may be, be certain that you are getting what you need by clicking the call to action button below and schedule your appointment now, limited times available...


Fashion Image - Model: Em Alexander, Hair/Nails: Michelle Brisson - Ashley Mombourquette, MUA: Jenelle Forde, Designer: Narces, Neckpiece: Marie Copps, Photographer / Retoucher: Don Quincy - DQC Photo

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B.T.S. shot of Toronto photographer Don Quincy on Catalogue Shoot!
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