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Don Quincy - DQC Photo, Toronto, CAN


When you see an image that awes you, chances are… it has been Retouched!

Retouching Practice Image 

Retouching by Don Quincy – DQC Photo

About Retouching


Retouching, Composite, Editing, etc… can be anything from a subtle, re-color, color grade, eye replacement, skin retouch…  or a complete change limited by only the artists’ imagination or skill level…


A nice image of a person may need something as simple as an eye replacement, or a blemish or two removed to make it a “nicer” image, part of the trick in retouching is to make the person still look like the same person AND totally natural… 

Another aspect of retouching can be a complete change of the image. This can include basically anything and everything… environment, location, colours, basically only limitations are the imagination and skill of the person doing the retouching…

Left Image: Sample Face Retouch by Don Quincy / DQC Photo

Below Image: Photoand Retouch: Don Quincy / DQC Photo


More Before and After Samples Of My Retouch Work

Don Quincy – DQC Photo

SLR Lounge Awards

 Retouches by Don Quincy – DQC Photo

 Photos by LTL Studios

 Honored to have been the Retoucher of these Award Winning Images from one of the Leading Wedding Sites in the World!


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