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Sharp and Clean Retouch

I love different types of shooting and editing. For this avante guarde fashion style image I went with a tack-sharp detail oriented retouch that seemed to be the perfect fit. There were so many details in the make-up, hair, nails, and design pieces that I wanted to be sure were captured first in the raw image and then in the editing process.

I am The Storm!

This image was captured on a beautiful sunny and warm day! When the time came to edit the image, it took on a whole life of its own. One of the beautiful things about creative artwork photography, the end result can be so different from the initial photo! I had so much fun in Photoshop bringing this to a whole other life than the original and creating this piece called "I Am The Storm!"

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Live Expression - Gary Holt - Slayer!

I was able to capture this cool shot Guitarist Gary Holt of Slayer / Exodus when they played in Toronto a couple years ago. The expression, stance, crowd...  still makes it one of my favourite live shots that I have taken!

Outdoor Location Hot Colture

Each image, styling and location has a feel to it. When shooting and editing, these elements should be taken into account. With this particular image nature played along perfectly! As the wind picked up and blew Candi's hair, I was able to capture her amazing expression and pose! I knew as soon as I took the shot that it would be one to make the final cut! As I took the picture into post, I feel it wanted something slightly different while still maintaining the detail of the shot. I feel I accomplished this quite well and was able to maintain the sharpness and uniqueness of the shot.

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Bringing The Interior Shot To Life!

Real Estate Photography is all about the details. There are many nuance to be aware of. Depending upon the room and windows, weather can be a real issue. Glare, blown out spots, shadows, reflections... paying attention to these and more are all things that set my work apart from others that do not notice these in the shot or do not fix them in post. At the end of the day, the quality of your work and effort deserve to be captured with a photographer that cares about the details!

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