Published Again! Fusion Dark 10 page Spread!!!

alternative - DQC Photography - Toronto - Toronto photographer - Toronto Creative PhotImage of Severin Stargher taken by Toronto Photography - Creative Photographer - Tattooed Model -Kinky - Fine art -
Published this month in Fusion Dark Magazine

This was such a fun shoot! It is always awesome to get published. I always get a great feeling when one of my images makes it into a magazine. This month these two images plus many more from this shoot grace the pages of Fuzion Dark Magazine from the United States! I love working on creative photography concepts. Danielle is an amazing model and a very skilled Make Up Artist as well so I knew it was going to be a great shoot! For most of my creative photoshoots I will usually start with what the wardrobe will be and then build from there. Danielle had this great this great design for the shoot, an awesome mesh body suit from designer Candy Drip. She also had this amazing neckpiece courtesy of Black Cat Corsetry. With these we had to find the perfect location to match the creativity of this outfit and the mood we wanted. A friend of mine has this very cool bedroom with a 4 post bed and was gracious enough to let us use it for the shoot. We decided to add some “fun” props to really set the mood for the idea and to really bring the story alive. Armed with my Profoto D1’s and Chimera softboxes we went to work! The room although spacious by itself, when you add a two Profotos, stands, 1 large Chimera Softbox and 1 Chimera 5′-7′ Octabox into the room, space fills up quickly. I squeezed my way in between the lighting set up and shot away!  Retouching for this set was pretty straight up. I used the Phase One Capture One software for the preliminary work. I have certain settings I like to use before going to the next phase of editing. At this point I was still using Adobe Lightroom instead of Photoshop but we are very pleased with the end result.

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