Toronto Creative Photographer “Vintage Dreamscapes”

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Toronto Creative Photography by Don Quincy – DQC Photo – Model: Aneesa Badshaw Designer: Agnieszka Osipa
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Before and After images of retouching work by Don Quincy – DQC Photo

Toronto Creative Photographer -Don Quincy – DQC Photo

Retouching – The Before and After

Welcome to today’s blog by Don Quincy, Toronto Creative Photographer and Retoucher.! Today I am going to do a quick blurb on the “retouching” of this shot.
This shoot was a lot of fun. I had contacted Toronto model Aneesa Badshaw about doing a shoot together using one of Agnieszka awesome designs I had flown in from Poland. We had done a couple shoots together and she is always awesome to work with! We were both on tight schedules so when we finally got the chance to get the photoshoot in, we took advantage of the time and the weather.
The day was very warm and sunny. Being sunny without an assistant has challenges in of its’ own. I did not want to have Aneesa having to squint and yet to be in the shade brings its own issues. I had brought one Profoto D1 with a beauty dish attached so I was able to bring her out of the background more by lighting her up and I was able to take the f-stop down to not have her blown out by the light.
We took a variety of shots and poses in various areas od=]f the park we had chosen for the location. This particular one kind of “jumped out” as I was going through the shots and off to the editing software it went.
For this image, I started in Adobe Photoshop. I did some normal touch-ups like skin and shadows and then the image began to take on a life of its own. I started envisioning more of a night time look. I used the color look up and applied it to the image. This gave the image an overall blue effect of the night but a little to blue for Aneesa. I masked the image and then brushed some of the blue out of her face and upper body. making her pop again from the background. As I looked at the image I could see more still needed to be added. So I started by adding some overlays and textures. I tried several variations until I was able to find a few different ones I liked. At that point, I could see now yet another change I felt the picture was calling for, it seemed that a vintage look would fit it more. There are times that I know exactly what i want the end result to be and then there are times that the picture takes on its own life as I do the retouching. These I find can really bring out even more of the creative side of my brain. I let the picture lead me through the edits from stage top stage until i end up with the final image, even then, I could probably go on for several more variations but at some point… you just have to say… “ok” 🙂

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