Creative Photoshoot – The Story of the “Fairy Princess”

Creative Photoshoot - "The Fairy Princess"

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Fairy Princess - Model: Ashley J. Hassard, MUA: Jocelyn Santos Thompson, Designer: Agnieszka Osipa Costumes, Prosthetic Design / Builder (Elf Ears): Matthew DeWilde, Photographer / Retoucher: Don Quincy / DQC Photo, Location courtesy of: Jamie Brick *fairy dust by ** Extra special thanks to Andrew Miller for co-ordinating everyone!!!

When The idea is formed

Location -Designer - Model - Makeup Artist - Special FX Prosthetic - Timing

Sometimes ideas just come together and when they do, it is AMAZING! For this creative photoshoot there were so many key elements that had to come into play. The location has to fit with the design, the model has to fit idea, the makeup artists have to see the vision and as the photographer I have to capture and retouch the image to look like what I had saw inside my head...

The Ideal Location and Design

The location was perfect for this costume. As I was consulting with the designer, Agnieszka Osipa of Poland, this was the location (Jamie Brick Studios) I had in mind for this particular design from the first time i had the notion of using this outfit. Putting this shoot together was not an easy task with the location being 3 hours from Toronto.

I had met Jamie through a friend, Andrew Miller, while we were on our way back from shooting for Cirque De Soleil in Montreal. It is a very unique workshop, a kind of Hobbit looking place which i knew I wanted to shoot at the first sight of it! After clearing the location for the shoot with Jamie, It was time to go forth and get everything in order.

Aquiring The Team

I chatted with Agnieszka and made all the necessary arrangements to have her beautiful design shipped to me. Next was to put the team together. Andrew highly recommended, model Ashley J Hassard and makeup artist Jocelyn Santos Thompson and connected us all through Facebook. I was so fortunate that they both agreed to do this shoot. Ashley and Jocelyn both have extensive experience and are both very talented!  

We NEED Ears!

With everyone in agreement we set a date and time for the "Fairy" shoot. Only one thing remained needed... ears. Jocelyn suggested contacting Dewilde FX Company who she had worked with and knew the high quality of their work. Amazingly, even with the late notice, they were able to get us a set of amazing silicone elf tips in time for our shoot 🙂

Road Trip!

With ears in hand, off we went for the 3hr. road trip. We arrived at our amazing location and Jocelyn went to work applying the makeup and attaching the prothetic ears on Ashley. As they worked away, I began setting up the lighting to create the mood and to be sure to get the details needed. Once Jocelyn was done Ashley dressed into Agnieszka's design and her character was complete. Ashley fit the role perfectly!!!

Time To Edit

This is one of the shots chosen for full editing. Choosing the image to edit is a challenge in itself when you get so many shots you are happy with. I added the fairy dust trails that were created by Tiger_Stock while editing in Photoshop. Overall I would say this was an incredible team effort from start to finish. Without this team the image would have remained, as with all shots, an image in my head. Thank you to everyone involved!!!



For this Creative Photoshoot I used two Profoto D1's. I had one set farther back shooting into a large umbrella as to fill in a lot of shadows that I did not particularly like for the look of the shoot. By shooting into the umbrella I was able to get a great fill light. The main light was placed very close and had the Profoto beauty dish modifier attached to it. This created a nice soft light while accenting Ashely's amazing expression which was key for the look of the shot.


This image was part of the published set of work along others in Fuzion Dark Magazine.  Editor Willie Coleman so aptly titled the set "Queens Of Fairyland" I look forward to posting more images and the storylines in time to come form this set.

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