“Rules Of Engagement” Published Xpressions Magazine

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Model: Severin Stargher -Designer: Candy Drip – MUA: Danielle St. Laurant – Photographer / Retoucher: Don Quincy – DQC Photo

Published in Xpressions Magazine. Model: Severin Stargher -Designer: Candy Drip – MUA: Danielle St. Laurant – Photographer / Retoucher: Don QuincyDQC Photo

Another blog from Toronto Photographer – Don Quincy – DQC Photo

Each photo contains a story. Each photo should portray an emotion. To tell each story, direction is needed.

When coming up with ideas for a creative photoshoot so many elements come into play. Location, wardrobe, makeup, the look of the model and what type of feel / storyline you want to convey in the image.

Danielle and I had talked on several occasions about doing a shoot. Coming up with the storyline for Danielle shoot was fun. She has a great personality and she is a professional makeup artist. As we started bouncing ideas around she had mentioned this outfit that she had from doing the runway at one of the F.A.T. events for the designer Candydrip. Once we had the wardrobe decided upon the location was key in matching the look. The search for a four post bed was on. We were fortunate to find a location with a four poster bed.  We were also able to acquire props for the shoot to really nail the look and the story we wanted to convey. I really like to have all the elements needed to tell the story properly and not just throw something together for the sake of just doing a shoot. I think we were able to capture a great look and tell a great story in this and the other photos from this set.


Lighting used was two Profoto D1‘s. One with a Large Chimera Softbox and the other with the Chimera Octabox. The size of the room made it so that strategic placement of the lighting was essential. This was to be sure they were not be seen and still light up Danielle properly. That being said the amount of space left for me to squeeze in and around the lights and their modifiers made for creative maneuvering of my stance to be able to capture the shot.

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