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Queens of Fairytale Land” 

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Published Image: Model Kehli Get-tus – Designer: Agnieszka Osipa Costumes – Retoucher: Abstraxion Retouch and Design – Photographer: Don Quincy – DQC Photography

Creative Photoshoots

When coming up with a creative style photoshoot there are lots of details and elements that go into the planning. It is not as simple as “lets go shoot”. To myself, wardrobe / costume design and location are vital parts of the shoot. As well, a great model and retoucher can take an image to a whole new level.

Lining up the shoot!

I had messaged alternative model Kehli Get-tus with reguards to shooting in one or both of the exquisite dresses I had coming from the amazing Polish designer Agnieszka Osipa. This was my second time working with Seven Model – Kehli Get-tus. She is always fun to work with! So I was quite happy when she accepted to do this fun creative style avante-guarde fashion shoot. Kehli knew of this great spot here in Toronto, ON and suggested we try to do our shoot there. The atmosphere was great and we were able to capture some great images. Kehli is also a very talented retoucher as seen by this image and many more she has done with her company Abstraxion Retouch and Design. So glad we were able to get this and other images published for many to see!


This image and more were published internationally in Willie Coleman’s November 2016 Fuzion Dark Magazine avail. here. Willie has a great way of coming up with the best titles and story lines for the sets of images he publishes including this one!

“Queens Of Fairytale Land”

Fairytale land is run by some of the most powerful women ever known. Their beauty will seduce you and their power will break you. Bow Down To The Queens.

Thank you Willie and Fuzion Dark, it is always a pleasure to grace the pages of any of your magazines!

I look forward to sharing more images that were published in this issue of Fuzion Dark’s from my set he aptly entitled “Queens Of Fairytale Land”

Toronto Photographer – Don Quincy -DQC Photo



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