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Our Approach

The approach taken at DQC Photo is to be different, to have an image that stands out. With so many photographers in the world, whether experienced or with a newly acquired DSLR or even a phone camera now days it is easy to get lost in the mix. One of the greatest compliments I have received more than once from people is that they  "knew" it was my image they were looking at while scrolling through thousands of images on Instagram or Facebook!

My Story

I, as many others, started out as just another person who bought a DSLR for enjoyment. I had been seeing the pictures my brother was posting and the fun and enjoyment he was getting from shooting. I thought it would be something I may enjoy as well so I picked up a Canon 7d with the kit lens. Within the first few months I was getting so many compliments and began getting published. As I progressed a friend of mine connected me with former Toronto photographer David Eisenberg. David gave me the best advice I have ever heard and I have based pretty much every creative / fashion / portrait shot off since. This advice is simple but if applied can change any photographers thought process. "Get the lighting that you want right off the start. Lighting is everything" This has stayed with me and changed my style and awareness immediately! Once you have the image lit the way you like, then you will get the image you want. Once you have the raw image then you can take it to post to finish it. Sometimes the retouch process will be just simple tweaks to the skin, other times, it can be a full out Photoshopping if that is what the image or client calls for. Through another friend i got into Real Estate photography, it has its own challenges that must be learned and met. Event and concert photography is all about capturing the moment, positioning yourself to be in the right place at the right time. Each body of work, whether, creative, fashion, lifestyle, portrait, real estate, concert, wedding or engagement, birding, landscape all have specific challenges that once mastered are very rewarding. Overtime I have found that not only is photography fun but it is an amazing experience that can bring joy to so many people when providing them with "that" image.

Don Quincy - DQC Photography

Toronto Photographer

My philosophy is to create something that is a work of art, not just another photo. Something that when people hold it in their hands or hang on their wall they will be proud to have it there!

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Behind The Scenes

BTS shot of Don Quincy at work!

A cool behind the scenes shot from an online Catalogue shoot for a local store.


Don Quincy

Photographer / Retoucher / Stylist

This published shot was so much fun! Em Alexander was the model. The hairstylist and nail designers were Michelle Brisson and Ashley Mombourquette and the makeup artist was Jenelle Forde. We did the shoot at Beta Box Studios here in Toronto. Fun, Creative and Published!

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DQC Photography

DQC Photo

Published Work! Severin Stargher is always amazing to work with. Her talent as a model and as a makeup artist shine through in all her work. We went for a dark but sensual look for this shot. I think we did well 🙂

Next Steps...

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